Our Work

Local Planning

In each of our member regions, the executive of the PCDC branches have initiated discussions on funding gaps and sector needs with Community & Social Services and Labour representatives.  These discussions generally occur through coordinated local meetings. Alberta Government representatives attend local PCDC meetings to update the group on new developments, trends, or changes that may have an influence or impact the region. This enables us to stay current on information, allows us to make individual company decisions and is a platform to share ideas and potential interventions.

Local planning also involves promoting local education and employment training opportunities to our clients, funders, and the wider community.

Regional social activities and networking opportunities vary, and are organized by local PCDC members. Events have included Connection Events, Holiday Breakfasts and Mixers, Lunch & Learns, and Professional Development opportunities.

Government Policy Advocacy

PCDC members work collaboratively with provincial funders to discuss current government policies, recommendations and share best practices.

Connections Events

Connections is a grassroots collaboration between GoA and PCDC members. It has been running for over 15 years. The main objective of Connections is to provide an opportunity for GoA staff and staff of Community Service Providers, many of whom belong to the Private Career Development Contractors Association (PCDC), to network and share information about available services. The networking improves referrals for Albertans seeking employment supports, helps to reduce program redundancy and encourages collaboration and alignment across Employment Supports Programming and with Government.

The purpose of the event is to:

  • Learn about new and existing programs within the community with a focus on Career and Employment services.
  • Develop and strengthen the collaborative relationship between Government and Service Providers for the purpose of referrals to programs and for providing support to clients.
  • Provide a professional development opportunity for all attendees.

Ongoing Professional Development

PCDC is committed to providing ongoing professional development as an essential and effective practice to ensure members are up-to-date with current industry standards and maintain excellence in the education and employment training sector. Through PCDC, members have the opportunity to participate in ongoing professional development to maintain and enhance their professional skills. PCDC offers different modes of training to meet the diverse needs of its members including in-person learning, online webinars, lunch and learn presentations and training sessions that allow members to collaborate and learn. Through the ongoing professional development offered through PCDC, members will become more effective in their work, stay up-to-date on changing trends and improve workplace skills and confidence.