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The Private Career Development Contractors Association of Alberta (PCDC) is a group of education and employment services agencies incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta.


We provide a platform for the education and employment training sector to share information, best practices, and develop solutions to common issues and challenges.


  1. To identify emerging needs in career, employment, and training services
  2. To recommend solutions to funders regarding identified issues in order to enhance and improve services.
  3. To work as a collaborative partner with government and industry to meet client and labour market needs.

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Our Work

Training Provider Advisory Committee (TPAC)

The TPAC group is comprised of Alberta Human Services representatives and policy makers from across the province; along with representatives from colleges, post-secondary institutions and PCDC member agencies. PCDC was invited to sit on this committee as a direct result of our input into the Alberta Works policy changes. Our member agencies benefit from ongoing participation in these meetings. Our collective thoughts, ideas, and concerns are well represented in these discussions.

Local Planning

In each of our member regions, the executive of the PCDC branches initiate early change discussions with Alberta Human Services representatives locally. These discussions typically occur through coordinated local meetings; at least twice a year. Human Services managers attend local PCDC meetings to update the group on new developments, trends, or changes that may have an influence or impact the region. This enables us to stay current on information to allow us to make individual company decisions and to share ideas and potential interventions.
Local planning also involves promoting local education and employment training opportunities to our clients, funders, and the wider community. Regional activities vary, and are organized by local PCDC members; including the ever-expanding Connections events held in different regions annually.

Government Policy Advocacy

PCDC members work collaboratively with provincial funders to discuss current government policies, recommendations and share best practices.

Local Councils

PCDC is a provincial association comprised of three local councils in the Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer regions. Each local council meets as PCDC members for their respective areas; typically on a monthly basis. Local discussions and focus vary from region to region based on the membership of each group and the variation of Alberta Works contracts. Challenges identified at the local level are shared through the provincial board meetings to explore whether these are mutually experienced across the regions. If so, then the Provincial Chair will bring these challenges/suggestions to stakeholders on behalf of PCDC members across the Province. If challenges are local in focus then regional groups look to seek solutions with local government stakeholders. A number of local projects are also coordinated through the regional councils; including the Connections events and joint forums with government. The Council Chairs of the three local groups act as provincial board members; along with other members at large.

Benefits of Membership

  • Timely and accurate access to information on provincial government budgets, policy changes, emerging needs and trends
  • Ability to share information and concerns directly with provincial government representatives
  • Round table discussions on best practices, needs, trends and concerns with other local Service Providers
  • Means to market program and services to community agencies, service providers and government
  • Voice in recommending solutions to improve services to better meet the needs of clients
  • Receive membership discounts on PCDC events

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Active involvement in contributing to meeting the objectives of the Association
  • Participation in select Association projects and events (volunteer approximately four hours per month to your selected project/event)
  • Commitment to sharing as well as receiving information and ideas with other Members
  • Provide representation at regional meeting and provincial AGM

Requirements for Membership

  • Members must be for-profit or not-for-profit or non-profit entities duly incorporated in Alberta
  • Members must apply in writing to the Association, indicating how they are prepared to contribute to, and support the objectives of the Association
  • Associate members must follow the same process as that of a full Member
  • Membership must be approved by a majority vote of the Directors
  • Members must pay the membership fee established by the Association

Types of membership


Must be duly incorporated entities that meet the requirements for membership

  • A member organization shall be considered as one member and must appoint one person known as a Delegate to represent the Organization at meetings of the Association
  • Delegates shall have a full authority to take decisions on behalf of the member organization
  • The Organization shall notify the Association in writing of the name of the
  • Delegate, prior to that Delegate‚Äôs participating as a member in meetings of the Association
  • Members may change their delegates by notifying the Association in writing
  • A Delegate shall have the full authority to act on behalf of the Member

Associate Members

Individuals or corporations that do not meet the requirements for membership may apply to be Associate Members.

  • Associate members may speak to, but not vote on, issues brought before the Association
  • Associate members shall pay the Associate Membership fee determined by the Board

Membership Fees

Membership fees cover the fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) and are due annually on or before April 1st. Annual membership fee may be pro-rated for new members in their first year of membership.

Membership fees are payable by cheque to: PCDC and should be mailed to the PCDC Treasurer, John Corie c/o Ballad Consulting Group, PO Box 67288, Edmonton, Alberta, T5R 5Y3

Member (Voting)

Operating in 1 region $250 annually
Operating in 2 regions $300 annually
Operating in 3 regions $350 annually

Associate Member

(Non-voting) $125 annually

Provincial Board

Treasurer: John Corie

Director: Karl Herzog

Secretary: Jill Dean

Director: Shirley McBride