Become a PCDC Member

Become a PCDC Member

Benefits of membership

Networking Opportunities: Make connections with others in your sector through the many networking opportunities that can help you strengthen and expand your services.

Influencing Policy: Make your opinion known on key issues. PCDC meets formally with all levels of government. These activities provide a strong voice in the discussions that directly influence policy.

Member Web Portal: As a member you will have access to the Member Web Portal which will help you stay current on developments and events.

Volunteering: Get involved with the PCDC and your sector to develop skills and contribute to your sector by volunteering on one of the many PCDC committees.

One of the key reasons our members join is to make connections with others in the sector. There are many networking opportunities that will help you strengthen and expand your services. As a member, you will also have access to government updates on contracting priorities, development and changes happening within the Ministries.

Most importantly, you will belong to an association that can influence policy for the career development sector. Our ability to have our voice heard on key issues provides a strong influence in the discussions that affect policy changes. PCDC membership gives you the opportunity to make your opinion known where it matters most.

Membership in PCDC also provides you with an opportunity to get involved with your peers to develop skills and contribute to the career development sector by volunteering for PCDC Committees and/or events.

There are two types of membership; Members and Associate Members:

Members: Must be duly incorporated entities that meet the requirements for Membership. A Member Organization shall be considered as one member and must appoint one person known as the Delegate to represent the organization.

Associate Members: Individuals or corporations that do not meet the requirements for membership may apply to be associate members. Associate members may speak to, but not vote on, issues brought before the Association
Membership must be approved by a majority vote of the Provincial Board of Directors.

Annual membership for Members (voting) is $200.00; Associate Members is $80.00.

If you would like to check us out before becoming a member, please feel free to join us as a guest at one of the regional meetings or events. Please contact the Regional Chair in your area to obtain more information on attending a meeting as a guest.

Central Alberta:

PCDC Member Special Benefit
The Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA) is pleased to offer PCDC members a 20% discount off Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) and re-certification applications. Individuals applying for the CCDP designation must be members of the CDAA. Applicants may be eligible for membership discounts if their employer has an organizational membership with the CDAA.

Prior to applying for membership and or the CCDP designation, individuals are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions and CCDP Application Guide

The following application links reflect the 20% Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) application and re-certification application discount:

Feel free to contact Paula Wischoff Yerama, CDAA Executive Director / Registrar at with any questions you may have. 

Become a Member Form

Become a Member

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